Commercial Natural Disaster Recovery in Venice, IL; What to Do After Water, Fire or Hurricane Damage & More

When small businesses become the victim of damage from a natural disaster it can have dire consequences, especially for new businesses that are just starting out. Not only can you expect the business itself to be affected, it can also have a detrimental effect on the livelihood of the employees. According to statistics provided by…

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Types of Mold Found Homes in South Roxana, IL; Mucor Fungi, Alternaria, Acremonium, Ulocladium & More

Generally appearing awful and unsanitary as well as trigger allergies and negatively impact your overall health, mold is detrimental in any home. Being it difficult to find, mold thrives in darker places, requires moisture, and feeds well on dust. The top common mold likely to be discovered growing in homes is what we at American…

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